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Social Media & Web 2.0 Consulting

We can help you maximize your use of social media and Web 2.0 tools and technologies. We can assess your needs based on your target audience and on your business niche. Some of the technologies we may recommend are:

  • RSS feeds for your content, to encourage others to syndicate your message, or to “feed” your content to feed syndication services and news aggregators.
  • Blogging, podcasting, or vlogging to help you connect better with your prospects, to greatly improve your Web presence, and to help you build professional credibility and/or readership.
  • Optimizing your existing RSS feeds and blogs.
  • Establishing a presence on social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn to greatly improve your Web presence, professional network, or readership.
  • Widgets or badges that you can utilize from other sites, or that you can create and use as viral marketing tools.
  • Effectively using social bookmarking and crowd-sourced news sites like del.icio.us, Technoratti, and Digg.
  • Taking full advantage of media communities like Youtube and Flickr.

A Social Media Newsroom (SMNR) is similar to a traditional online newsroom in that it lists media coverage, news releases, events, media contact information, and so forth; but also includes many social media elements.

Here are the main elements of a SMNR:

  • A section offering links or pdfs to major media coverage.
  • A section listing links to traditional or Social Media Press Releases.
  • Sections for events and other industry-specific sections - like a book review section for authors.
  • A multimedia section containing downloadable items such as logos, book cover art, pdf documents like press kits or sales sheets, podcasts, vidcasts, book trailers, downloadable promotional material, etc.
  • Bios on each key person in the company, along with links to their social or business networking profiles like LinkedIn, Myspace, Second Life, etc.
  • Purpose-built del.icio.us pages.
  • RSS feeds that allow subscriptions to different sections of the room, like media coverage, news releases - or to the entire room.
  • A way for readers to share the content of the site, via email or by posting to social bookmarking indexes like del.icio.us or Digg.
  • Instant message indicators for key media contacts using AIM, Yahoo Messaging, MSN, Skype, etc.
  • Ability to search the site or the Web using either Google or Technorati.
  • Links to other blogs or Web sites that are relevant to your message.
  • Technorati tag clouds.

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