Politics 2.0 Google announces Campaign Tool

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Google announced the launch of its Campaign Tool and its subsidiary, YouTube also launched Campaign Toolkit. And if that were not enough, Facebook launched a U. S. Politics page.
Google’s Campaign Tool includes YouTube and a long list of its other products such as AdWords, Moderator, Analytics and Alerts. Google promises to make campaigning easier and offers demos of how the products can be used to enhance communication between the campaign and voters. It’s nothing extraordinary and is simply all of its products contained in one space for reference.

The toolkits aim to provide political candidates with the resources to successfully use both YouTube and other Google products to engage constituents and citizens. On YouTube, campaigns will have access to features like a Politician channel, Google Moderator, and analytics tool YouTube Insight. The toolkit also includes paid advertising campaigns, such as in-stream ads and Promoted Video

The Google toolkit is mostly a collection of apps, such as Google Moderator, Apps, News, and AdWords--the most significant of these, it has to be said, is AdWords, given that online advertising is expected to rise by 73% in this year's mid-term elections.

It's YouTube, however, where Google has been the most creative. The You Choose 2010 toolkit is split up into two sections: Campaign Tools and Paid Campaign Tools. The former offers up a YouTube Politician Channel, the aforementioned Moderator, and Insight, which shows you how well your videos are doing as well as who's watching them.


Written by: Simone Baldassarri Saturday, 05 June 2010 16:52 Last Updated on Monday, 16 August 2010 14:06


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Politics 2.0 Google announces Campaign Tool
Google announced the launch of its Campaign Tool and its subsidiary, YouTube also launched Campaign...
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